Arguably one of the best places to work and dwell in the state of California, the city of Carlsbad, CA goes a long way to offering its residents that amazing suburban feel. Better yet, both Carlsbad residents and visitors get savor an array of delicacies from the myriad of eateries available here. Additionally, the scenic views here coupled with near-perfect weather keep most drawn to this gem. Known to most as ‘The Village by the Sea’, the city of Carlsbad is home to renowned and famous personalities and here are some but just a few of them. Read on!

Emma Abrahamson

Emma is a Carlsbad born runner who rose to stardom while competing for the Ducks' women's cross country and track teams for the University of Oregon. Additionally, she was a top member of the Women's Championship team in the 1500-meter event in the year 2016. She started her running career at the tender age of 9. One of her biggest life achievements is that she helped lead the Oregon Ducks to the 2015-2016 Women's Track and Field championship.

Tony Hawk

Tony is a renowned individual sports icon who is known for founding Birdhouse, redefining vertical skateboarding, as well as launching a successful video game series. He was born in Carlsbad, CA, and before he rose to fame, he had a minor incident at a little league game where he had to hide out in a ravine until his dad came for him. 

Shortly afterwards, he emerged as a winner in several skateboard competitions and by the age of 14, he had already become a professional. His aerial stunts earned him the nickname ‘The Birdman’ and gained even further fame after becoming the very first skater to successfully land a 900 degree spin out of a half pipe! He has been married thrice, and from his most recent marriage, he has three sons.

Adam Brody

Best known for his role as Seth Cohen in the television show The O.C., Adam is a Carlsbad born legendary actor. After his role in O.C., he propelled himself to a full acting career which mostly saw him take on supporting roles. Before pursuing acting, he had spent a year or so in community college before dropping out. An interesting fact about him is that he grew up focusing on surfing in San Diego and he probably never pictured himself as an actor. He is married to Leighton Meester and together, they have two kids.