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The Art and Life Podcast

Updated: Mar 5

A few years ago, I began listening to podcasts. I love them. They are inspiring, informational, they are a great way to pass the time, and you can listen while you do creative work. I absorb content constantly. As a muralist I probably listen to podcasts an average of about 40 hours a week. About a year ago I decided to start my own. It was going to be interview style with creative entrepreneurs of all backgrounds. It began as a question and answer format. I was doing Zoom meetings and recording them. I didn't have the proper setup and editing skills I needed to make it happen though, so it didn't really get off the ground. But then I came across Anchor. It's a podcast recording and editing platform that works great for me. Now we're in business. I've recorded 13 episodes and counting. You can find it on all the platforms.

The intention is to inspire others in the ways that I'm constantly inspired, only I wanted this to be targeted toward creatives of all kinds, and be a philosophical journey, and less of a nuts and bolts approach. The question and answer has given way to a more collaborative conversation between creatives. It's feeling great, and I'm proud to put it out to the world. Give it a listen. Let me know what you think. Here's a manifesto to the listener that I'm directing the podcast toward. Enjoy : ) Hello creative friend, welcome to the journey of the Art and Life podcast. Over the next 5 years I’m going to take you on an exploration of the concept of creativity from different perspectives. You’re going to encounter creatives of all kinds and get to compare and contrast mindsets and approaches. You’re going to get to learn about what it means to be a professional artist, and learn of different paths people have taken to get there. It’s going to be fun, beautiful, thought provoking and inspiring. We’re all going to love it. We’re going to dive into the concept of creativity and unpack it in as many ways as possible. We’re going to look at process from different angles. We’re going to think about inspiration, and the ideas behind creative projects. We’re going to examine different mediums and forms that creativity comes to life. Creativity is a spark that is unique to humans, and we’re going to dive into what it feels like, looks like, and means to different people. We’re going to interview and learn from people from all walks of life. Creativity comes in every language, from every skin color, from every continent. Our creatives will describe their niche, their unique understanding and their little corner of the creative universe. Through this podcast we’ll test my hypothesis that we are all the same creative energy, just in different forms.

We will consider what it means to BE an artist. We’ll see how that concept plays out in different creative’s lives. Life as a creative is a windy road, and we’ll get a glimpse at the various paths people have taken to climb their own creative mountains. There is no one road map for a life of creativity. This podcast is going to explore that reality.

The point of the Art and Life podcast is to explore this concept we call creativity. It comes in all shapes and forms from people from all walks of life. Creatives have similarities, and have differences but share an essence that runs through us all. Creativity has a non-linear and a professional side and these interviews will be connecting how creativity interfaces with commerce. Creativity is one of the main elements that makes humans unique and beautiful. The exploration of that concept is the point of the experiment that is the Art and Life Podcast.

Thank you for reading, and thank you for listening. Have a creative day my friend.

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