• Taylor Gallegos

Why I Love Murals

Why do I love murals?

I love murals for lots of reasons. For one, they are art, and I love art. They are the whales of the art world. They are out there for all to see, so there is a boldness to them. They are powerful in their statement because of their size but also in the way that they confront the viewer. They are a reflection of the geography, social nature, political climate, and philosophies of a location. And finally, they deliver a message silently. Murals are artwork on the grandest scale, and in that way they can make for some of the grandest art.

Now back to the scale. Lots of artwork is on paper, or on canvas. You stand in a room with them and are on the same level as them as equals in stature. Murals are different. There’s something interesting that happens when something is bigger than you, especially when it’s much bigger than you. There’s a sense of awe and of grandeur. It has an arresting affect on you, like when you’re gazing at a large tree or a mountain in the distance.

The public aspect is great as well. This element of being out for all to see is connecting, democratizing, and equalizing. Everyone has the opportunity to see it, feel it, critique it, be moved by it. When art is intended for a global audience it needs to have a global perspective and a global voice. It needs to speak to people of all ages, genders, social levels and backgrounds. Even when it’s critiquing some element of society, it still needs to address and be aware of its perspective.

Murals and street art are a reflection of the geography, social nature, political climate, and various philosophies of a location. You can find murals all over the world and that shows how versatile they are. They speak for the people to the people. From Shepard Fairy to Banksy to everyone else out there, you can get an idea of the geographic, social, political and philosophical climate in and around where the murals are just by looking at the art.

Murals are powerful, and they speak silently through imagery. They help spaces look beautiful. They add a creative flare to wherever they are painted. They help neighborhoods come to life, and they even help with tagging and vandalism. Murals are trending right now, and for good reason. Murals give a voice to the voiceless, they connect everyone together, and they make a splash like a blue whale. I love murals. Murals are the best.

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