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Why Murals?

Updated: Mar 5

Why Murals?

Why would someone want a mural on a wall? Murals cost money (at least the good ones do), they take time and energy to design and carry out, and they take a pristine and untouched wall and mark it up like a tattoo for a building. Why would anyone want something that involves all of that?

Lots of reasons!

Here are mine:

  1. Aesthetics

Color, shape, design and style all go along with the interior or exterior design aesthetic of a space. Sometimes a white wall just won’t cut it when an interior decorator’s vision involves these elements. When designers work with a space, all the pieces add to the whole. A painted wall with a design, a color, a fade, anything that’s more than a plain wall can add so much to the art that is the design of the overall space.

  1. To create a vibe

A wall mural can add so much of a feeling to a space that connects with people on a deep level. Color elicits feelings and emotions in us subconsciously. We won’t even be cognisant of it happening, but we will feel a certain way in a room because of what’s happening on the walls around us. Cool colors are calming, bright colors are exciting, bold colors are engaging. Murals can add to whatever intention one has with their space.

  1. To get noticed

Wall art stands out from the average wall or side of a building. This is especially true on exterior walls. As we walk through a town or city, we’re used to plain walls everywhere, but a mural is a juxtaposition from that. A mural will connect with people passing by, it’ll cause them to take another moment or more there. This extra time and attention will then be directed to whatever business exists within that wall. People want to know more about it, who they are, what they do, and how it connects to this beautiful piece of art on the side of the building.

  1. For protection

Street taggers love nothing more than a blank wall, it gets their creativity going, it makes them salivate. If a wall is continuously getting tagged, one approach would be to put a mural on it. Artists recognize and respect each other’s work. Street taggers are artists too, they’re just working on a different frequency. When a mural gets put on a wall, the community absorbs it as its own. It becomes part of the landscape that people want to keep safe. *Side note - There is a UV/Graffiti protective coating that can be applied to ensure if anything does get tagged, it can be returned to its original state.

  1. To send a message!

This is maybe the most powerful reason for a mural. Murals are public art that gets seen by a wide audience. Artwork can make statements to people in clear and explicit ways or in subtle implicit ways. If someone wants to make a statement to a large audience in a specific geographic location, this is a great way to do it. Murals are permanent and authentic, silent but speak volumes, general but can be targeted. Artwork has been a way of communicating throughout time and continues to be a powerful medium.

In short, murals are great for a variety of reasons. They are objectively beautiful, they set a mood or vibe, they demand attention, they can protect, and they can be a powerful vehicle for a message. I think every wall should get a mural, and these days it's more and more accepted and almost expected. I obviously love them, but I am biased.

Ready to reach out and begin your mural?

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